Scott Mager

Advertising, Marketing, & Commerce Offering Leader | Deloitte Digital

Principal | Deloitte Consulting

Scott Mager

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United States


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Scott Mager is a principal with Deloitte Digital and serves as the US Advertising, Marketing & Commerce offering leader.

Scott advises clients on how to transform their business through the development and implementation of digital strategy, compelling creative, brand, campaign, mobile, content, social, customer data, and analytics solutions.

Scott’s client focus is on developing digital strategies, designing compelling user experiences and implementing digital marketing, eCommerce, CRM, sales, service, enterprise portal, mobile, and social media solutions that generate efficiencies, reduce cost, reduce risk, or increase revenue.

Scott’s industry experience spans sports, travel, hospitality, leisure, consumer & industrial products, high-tech, media, telecom, life sciences, financial services, and real estate.

Specialties: eCommerce, platforms & operations, digital marketing, brand development, usability & user experience, visual design, social, mobile, content management and publishing systems, and corporate portals and intranets.

Prior to Deloitte Digital, Scott served as a senior creative director for AGENCY.COM (Omnicom).

Scott Mager