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At Deloitte, we invite CMOs to bring us their biggest challenges and ambitions, knowing we have what it takes to bring a new business vision to life. On this website, we seek to connect marketing executives to the latest trends, valuable subject matter expertise, and our leadership.

Christine Cutten

Principal | Marketing Operations & Analytics

Nelson Kunkel

Managing Dir. | Digital Brand & Experience Design

Scott Lippstreu

Principal | Customer & Commercial Strategy

Mark Pocharski

Principal | Growth Strategy

Alan Schulman

Managing Dir. | Brand Creative & Content Marketing

Jen Veenstra

Managing Director, CMO Program

Frances Yu

Managing Director | Marketing & Customer Strategy


Letter from our CMO

Hear from Deloitte's CMO Diana O'Brien.


Video Q&A with Alan Schulman

At our inaugural NextGen CMO Academy, we asked our leaders about the state of marketing and expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s CMOs.


The future of marketing: Thoughts from Jennifer Lacks Kaplan

Jennifer Lacks Kaplan provides her perspective on the state of marketing and expectations of today’s vs. tomorrow’s CMOs.