Next generation CMO academy


Next Generation CMO Academy

The CMO role is going through a rapid transformation. Today’s CMOs are expected to perform multiple roles—as customer champion, growth driver, chief storyteller, innovation catalyst, and capability builder—all while building bridges across functions and mastering the latest digital marketing technology. Deloitte’s Next Generation CMO Academy prepares future CMOs for this vital role as exceptional executive leaders. The Academy offers participants a unique opportunity to step away from their day-to-day responsibilities, learn from their peers, and focus on leadership development and growth.

Next Generation CMO Academy: Deloitte University, January 22-25

A distinguished group of C-suite executives, authors, academics, and Deloitte leadership will share perspectives on effective marketing leadership in a series of interactive sessions. 

Learn more about our Next Generation CMO Academy focus areas:

Brand  and Reputation Risk 

Serving as both catalyst and steward of the company’s brand and reputation is no easy task in today’s changing marketing landscape. In particular, new digital channels have introduced multiple new uncertainties. This session will focus on brand and reputational risks, and provide marketing executives with tools to identify, evaluate, and manage these risks by collaborating with their C-suite counterparts and their agencies. 

Building Effective Creative Partnerships

Finding the right agency to aid in marketing your brand can be hard. Not everyone can understand the unique sensibilities of your company, and a true creative partner should be as passionate about your brand as your own employees. In this session, we will discuss how to build an agency relationship that breeds effective results on the pillars of honesty, risk taking, and, of course, surprise. 

Content Marketing 

As consumers become ever more adept at ignoring traditional ads, developing a content strategy that attracts and maintains a strong audience is vital to the success of marketing today. This session begins with a brief overview of what content marketing is before delving into a few key components of a successful strategy, including content organizing ideas, content mapping, the organizational approach necessary for implementation, and how to measure success. 

Customer Champion

Why do many customer experience transformations fail? Firms often recognize the importance of customer experience, but well-crafted strategies fail when the reality of competing priorities emerge. This session will put you in the shoes of the C-Suite and help you to identify how Customer Experience Management (CEM) principles can help various executives succeed. We’ll simulate a real customer challenge, and working as a C-Suite team, use customer insights to identify solutions that drive meaningful impact for the customer while also supporting the objectives of all executive stakeholders. 

Building an Innovation Mindset 

Corporate innovation is a key to an enterprise’s success. CMOs have an important, customer-centric vantage point from which to lead and contribute to corporate innovation, but CMOs must learn the language and the discipline of innovation to do so effectively. This session will prepare future marketing organization leaders to have an innovative mindset, which will help them play a critical leadership role to drive and support corporate-wide innovation. 

What is the focus of the curriculum?

The curriculum focuses on methods of preparation, self-reflection, and development planning that are often key to excelling as CMO:

  • In-depth 360-degree personal leadership assessment:
  • Evidence-based tools to be resilient in the face of corporate environment adversity
  • Methods for selling the value of marketing to other C-suite executives
  • Ways to coordinate efforts across the organization
  • Strategies to help execute future CMO goals
  • New marketing approaches and techniques

Academy participation is invite-only: Participants are senior marketing executives across industries nominated by their organization’s CEO or CMO.

Academy participation is limited to a small group to enhance the learning experience and help participants build deep relationships with their high-performing peers.


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