Next generation CMO academy


Next Generation CMO Academy

The CMO role is going through a rapid transformation. Today’s CMOs are expected to perform multiple roles—as customer champion, growth driver, chief storyteller, innovation catalyst, and capability builder—all while building bridges across functions and mastering the latest digital marketing technology. Deloitte’s Next Generation CMO Academy prepares future CMOs for this vital role as exceptional executive leaders. The Academy offers participants a unique opportunity to step away from their day-to-day responsibilities, learn from their peers, and focus on leadership development and growth.

CMO Academy Highlights

Next Generation CMO Academy Deloitte University January 28-31, 2018

At the 2018 Next Generation CMO Academy, a distinguished group of C-suite executives, authors, academics, and Deloitte leadership shared perspectives on effective marketing leadership in a series of interactive sessions. 

Learn more about our Next Generation CMO Academy focus areas:

Big Data Insights that Propel Marketing Organizations

Future CMOs must provide direction to their peers in the C-Suite by converting raw data into value-added marketing insights. The CMO role is increasingly defined by digitalization and consumer-centric marketing. In addition to traditional responsibilities, many CMOs are now managing customer-facing technology implementations, and this trend is expected to continue. This session discusses how future marketing organization leaders can provide their company with insights driven advantages.

Boardroom Ready

As marketing becomes a more powerful channel in building a company’s brand and growing the bottom line, CMOs should prepare to present to the board and become a future board member. This session covers the CMOs’ role on the board and how CMOs can promote board collaboration and communication at the intersection of marketing, culture, and risk.

Building an Innovation Mindset 

Innovation is a key to an enterprise’s success. CMOs can lead innovation from a customer-centric vantage point, but CMOs must first learn the language and discipline of innovation. This session prepares future marketing organization leaders to unleash their innovative mindset and drive innovation within the enterprise.

Content Marketing

As consumers become ever more adept at ignoring traditional ads, developing a content strategy that attracts and maintains a strong audience is vital to the success of marketing today. This session begins with a brief overview of what content marketing is before delving into a few key components of a successful strategy, including content organizing ideas, content mapping, the organizational approach for implementation, and how to measure success.

Creativity in the C-suite 

Creative thinking has never been more important. From developing new products, to finding new paths to market to reimagining how consumers interact with existing brands, creative thinking and design discipline are more in demand in the boardroom than ever. The tension most C-level executives face is between organizational comfort with legacy, retrospective analysis and outdated mindsets and marketplace pressures to deliver innovation. Deloitte discusses how to bring these practices to create differentiating strategy, address tactical problems and drive lasting, customer-centric innovation. 

Customer Champion

Well-crafted strategies often fail when competing priorities emerge. This session will simulate the customer experience management (CEM) principles that future marketing organization leaders can implement to help their co-executives succeed. During the simulation, you work with your peers’ team members in the C-suite to tackle a customer challenge by leveraging customer insights to impact customers while supporting executive stakeholder objectives.

Rewiring Marketing

CMOs are faced with new daily internal and external pressures in an increasingly demanding marketing environment. This session focuses on the underlying capabilities and tactics required by marketing organizations to fuel future growth and transform into game changers that orchestrate holistic ways to maximize impact. The session will further focus on how to rewire the marketing organization for digital to embrace the future of marketing.

What is the focus of the curriculum?

The curriculum focuses on methods of preparation, self-reflection, and development planning that are often key to excelling as CMO:

  • In-depth 360-degree personal leadership assessment
  • Evidence-based tools to be resilient in the face of corporate environment adversity
  • Methods for selling the value of marketing to other C-suite executives
  • Ways to coordinate efforts across the organization
  • Strategies to help execute future CMO goals
  • New marketing approaches and techniques

Academy participation is invite-only: Participants are senior marketing executives across industries nominated by their organization’s CEO or CMO.

Academy participation is limited to a small group to enhance the learning experience and help participants build deep relationships with their high-performing peers.


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