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What’s on the mind of marketing leaders?  

Marketing’s role has changed. And it’s likely to keep changing. How are marketing leaders navigating the disruption?

The CMO Survey February 2017: Rethink everything

Many marketing organizations were built for activities that look very different from those required in today's fast-paced, digital world. So marketing leaders are changing the game, building key capabilities in-house and rethinking what is outsourced to match new demands and harness new opportunities. Gain insights from the key findings below, interact with the survey data, and view the full results.

Key findings:

  • Marketers are planning huge spending increases: 90 percent increase for social, 127 percent for mobile, and 375 percent for analytics.
  • CMOs know their organizations lack the skillsets to make the most of these investments, citing capability gaps in marketing analytics, customer development and management, omni-channel execution, and digital marketing.
  • Companies are rethinking their marketing organizations, making significant changes in their mix of in-sourcing and outsourcing, investing across the board to build capabilities in-house, and transforming to own the customer experience and capitalize on customer data.

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CMOs boost in-house marketing skills

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About the CMO Survey

Deloitte supports the CMO Survey—conducted biannually since 2008 by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business marketing professor Christine Moorman—as a measure of how marketing leaders are navigating this brave new world. The survey reports on their priorities and plans enabling marketers to compare staffing, budgeting, and investment areas, and identify potential trends.

In the news: The social media multiplier effect

A recent survey showed that CMOs plan to increase their spending on social. But do they really need to spend more to get more? We found that other social efforts, especially ones encouraging employees to share their stories, can magnify social’s overall business impact. Deloitte Senior Managers Becca Ramble and Aaron Lavin and Fuqua marketing professor Christine Moorman share this “social media multiplier effect” concept with Marketing News.

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The Wall Street Journal CMO Today

CMO insights and analysis from Deloitte, published in The Wall Street Journal

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Digital has changed the game for most business leaders, but it’s positioned CMOs in particular—with their proximity to the customer and ability to merge technology and creativity—to become one of the C-suite’s most valuable players.

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CMO Survey: Why Is Social Falling Short?

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CMO Survey: Marketing Budgets by Industry

The CMO Survey reveals trends about how marketing budgets are changing, which industries spend the most on marketing, and factors that influence budgets.

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