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CMO Transition Labs

You have plenty of people working on discrete aspects of your business. Strategy. Digital. Talent. Technology. Creative. Customer Engagement. Risk. Unlocking your growth ambitions requires an integrated plan that touches and influences. But today, it has to happen faster than ever before. And that’s what Deloitte’s CMO Transition Labs help you do.

CMO Transition Labs

The CMO Transition Labs help newly appointed CMOs, or CMOs that find themselves at an inflection point, prepare for the full range of roles you’ll need to play—from driving growth and championing customers to building brand and innovation.

The day-long lab culminates in the creation of a custom built roadmap centered on your top priorities as well as specific actions for talent and stakeholder management.

The lab experience brings together what might take months of planning and research into one interactive, productive, and confidential day for you.

You’ll come away with tools to help you:

  • Prioritize your time across your most important mandates for the biggest impact
  • Manage your team’s talent and skills
  • Balance the demands of influencers and stakeholders
  • Define and make progress toward your aspirations and professional legacy

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