The necessity of content marketing is on the rise


The necessity of content marketing is on the rise

As consumer audiences continue to fragment, and time spent on digital and social marketing channels steadily increases, marketers are recognizing that if their customers are “always on,” their messaging must be too. No wonder there is so much momentum building toward content marketing—the process of becoming the most timely, relevant provider of information to consumers in a company’s particular category.

For most legacy marketing organizations, this is no easy feat. It involves aggregating and calendaring content activities across social, brand, site, and commerce messages into a single managed editorial view with shared governance and publishing processes that span business units. As this broader POE content supply chain is assigned and identified, we are seeing the marketing organization evolve to become more critical than ever for operational success.

That being said, marketing operations in an always-on world is not a call for yet another marketing reorganization. Rather, it shows how the addition of several key organizational, strategic, editorial, and workflow standards can help turn traditional campaign marketers into “always-on” brand publishers.

As lead content marketing instructor for the Association of National Advertisers’ School of Marketing (ANA), I have spent the past 18 months sharing my insights and assessing the current state of content marketing efforts. Through this experience, it has become clear that most North American brand marketers are still in the early stages of understanding how to organize for and implement a holistic content marketing strategy across business units and regions. Yet, with the right organizational model and governance modeland a desire and willingness to standardize content workflowyou will likely find you can achieve “always-on” capabilities more simply and efficiently than you thought possible.

Alan Schulman
National Director, Content Marketing & Creative Experience, Deloitte LLP

Published on December 7,  2015.

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