multiple roles of the 21st century CMO


The multiple roles of the 21st-century CMO

The role of the CMO is rapidly transforming as CMOs are asked to be proficient marketers, to build bridges across multiple business functions, keep up with rapidly evolving technology and trends—and deliver consistency across the entire customer experience.

A 21st-century CMO plays five crucial roles for their organization to deliver extraordinary leadership:
  1. As the customer champion, you align the organization around customer centricity using data insights and analytics to deliver superior, personalized customer experiences, and measurable business results.
  2. Acting as the capability builder you'll develop robust marketing capabilities (e.g., technology fluency, digital expertise, customer data and insights, and data analytics) to help your organization compete in the future.
  3. Serving as the innovation catalyst, you create breakthrough customer offerings and advance marketing by experimenting with new technology platforms, alternative media, and new tools and techniques to transform the customer experience while improving internal processes.
  4. When you're the chief storyteller you act as both architect and steward of your company's brand by creating and telling brand stories, and inviting customers to participate in the narrative. The chief storyteller also develops, preserves, and promotes your company's brand relevance and consistency while evolving its position, meaning, and messaging.
  5. Finally, as the growth driver, you play a leading role in creating and managing a plan to achieve sustainable and profitable growth for your company.

By understanding the five roles of the 21st-century CMO, you position yourself to deliver extraordinary leadership as you tackle the most compelling challenges and strategic marketplace shifts taking place at lightning speed. Mastering the responsibilities of each role prepares you for success, by helping you evolve your decision making, and expanding your thinking—in a way that helps you embrace today's wide (and sometimes wild) world of marketing.

Published on February 1, 2016.

The multiple roles of the 21 century CMO
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