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Summer: The time of year when minds turn to thoughts of golf and…data?

In an age when we’re able to capture information from just about everything, who would have thought that a new way to engage your customer would appear just over the 16th bunker?​

When most people think of championship golf, they think of watching the greats—their prowess on the green, their flawless form, even that elusive hole in one. Now Deloitte Digital—Deloitte’s creative digital consultancy—is taking it a step further: We literally turned the art of the golf swing into "the art of the swing."

Most know Deloitte as the venerable firm for auditing, accounting, numbers, and the measurement of all things business, which is why it may seem out of character for us to be approaching data collection from such an unexpected angle—where the data from your golf swing becomes the art of the perfect stroke. But we’re always looking for ways to surprise and engage customers, and we think we’re on to something.

Look Again

Working with our creative digital consultancy, Deloitte Digital, and in tandem with Deloitte’s latest advertising campaign “Look Again,” we created a unique interactive experience called “Signature Swing: The art and science of the swing” at a recent major golf tournament. It’s a combination digital and physical installation that allowed our guests to take a whack at the perfect swing using a golf club embedded with sensors that measure the trajectory, height, length, arc, and precise spot where the club face meets the ball.

But here’s where it gets interesting: While you might think you’re being measured against the geometry of the perfect swings of golf pros, instead, the data from each individual swing is instantly converted into a series of abstract artistic shapes projected on the installation wall. Simultaneously, the abstract artistic expression of your swing is sent to a tablet where you simply add your personal signature with your finger and you’re emailed your “Signature Swing” as a unique piece of art.

These one-of-a-kind artistic renderings of your swing provide an array of abstract shapes from your swing on one side, and the mathematical breakdown of your swing on the back—hence, the art and science of the swing. This bringing together of art and science—or data-driven creativity—is in keeping with the innovative solutions Deloitte and Deloitte Digital bring to clients in their digital marketing experiences.

Data-driven creativity

Golfers around the world spend hours trying to achieve the unicorn of “the perfect swing.” For our installation, we wanted to acknowledge that but also appreciate that everyone has a unique swing with unique properties, both artistically and mathematically. As you might expect, we started with the data and mathematical analysis but, in a new twist, instead of stopping at science we carried it all the way through to the art.

For a deeper look at the data that’s captured, Deloitte Digital called on the programming skills of Red Paper Heart, a Brooklyn, New York-based data digitalization/visualization company, to help imagine the perfect swing uniquely rendered for each participant. To do this, they installed sensors in golf clubs that measure the club’s rotation and acceleration, while another sensor in the experience tracks your skeleton as you swing to analyze your stature and body motion. This key data is returned as compelling graphics that depict your unique swing plane—and any deviations from that—using color and shape, which are then interpreted in more organic, painterly shapes to create your original art piece.

Surprise, empower, engage

We’re excited to explore more ways we can combine the analytic and creative for our clients, and we’re not alone. The use of data to drive creative expression in marketing is taking center-stage more and more frequently, as evidenced by the recent data-centric award-winners at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in France. As brand storytelling and technology continue to evolve, you can bet we’ll find things like Deloitte’s “Signature Swing” coming soon to more than just a driving range near you.

Published on August 23, 2016

View the video playlist below to see Deloitte Digital's "Signature Swing" in action.

Deloitte Digital's Signature Swing

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