The altering landscape of marketing


The altering landscape of marketing

Deloitte Digital conducted a study of social content to understand the evolving landscape of marketing. We reviewed quantitative and qualitative data (analyzing 582,393 articles, studies, tweets, and blog posts) to determine top-of-mind concerns for CMOs. The study revealed four key trends:

Marketing and technology

Data-driven technology is disrupting how marketers do their jobs. The technology platforms needed to deliver innovative customer experiences are in high demand from clients, but often are outside of the scope of work for traditional marketing and advertising agencies.

Creative and strategic talent

Demands are tougher on marketers to stay innovative and creative. There is a premium on marketing talent who can execute campaigns that capture customer attention across multiple channels.

Brand-customer interactions

Customers desire a two-way conversation with brands, yet brands often struggle to deliver. Digital technologies have created a two-way conversation between customers and brands, and the customer’s voice needs to be part of creating compelling experiences.

Agency-client partnerships

New dynamics in the marketplace are shifting the traditional client-agency relationship. Marketing leaders are challenged to rethink the mix of talent and technology they employ in-house, as well as what they really want out of their vendor and agency partnerships.

For more details on these trends, download our white paper the altering landscape of marketing and view our infographic.

Published on February 17, 2016.

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