Deloitte at CES® 2017


Deloitte at CES® 2017:

Reimagining boundaries. Empowering possibilities.

CES is the launch pad for innovation and new technology. This year, Deloitte showcased our insights around emerging and disruptive technologies, evolving personal mobility ecosystem, digital transformation, cyber risk, and more.

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Digital Hollywood at CES

Content anywhere, anytime on screens of any size. New platforms, innovative collaborations, and unexpected opportunities. All this and more was discussed at Digital Hollywood at CES. Deloitte leaders moderated three sessions, covering the following topics:

  • Binge TV–Internet TV, Media, and the Hollywood Connection
  • Transforming Contextual Advertising and Media Platform Relationships
  • Internet TV, The Disruption: Programming Everywhere

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TransformingEDU highlighted the impact technology is making on education worldwide. From Pre-K through higher education and lifelong learning, TransformingEDU showcased the innovative solutions from both public and private institutions. Deloitte’s Greg Merchant gave a presentation on digital education and the future of learning. He explored the attitudes, motivations, and behaviors of K-12 teachers, parents, and students, as uncovered by Deloitte’s Digital Education Survey.

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CMO Today: 2017 Media & Entertainment Outlook

The media & entertainment industry continues to evolve rapidly, with video-on-demand redefining the way people consume content. This year, distributors will look to innovate the way they create, bundle, and disseminate that content, while exploring new revenue models.

Flashpoint: The digital advertising ecosystem

As the story of digital advertising continues to unfold, advertising fraud is a significant concern. Many organizations can struggle to respond effectively to the changing digital landscape where ad visits from unwelcome bots are exaggerating the data and inflating prices for advertisers, and where consumers are installing ad-blocking extensions to their web browsers that can prevent the display of digital ads altogether. Explore the key issues stakeholders need to consider to deliver meaningful results amid the current ecosystem.

Five trends to watch in the evolving digital content ecosystem

A restructuring of the digital content ecosystem is underway. Here are five trends for media and entertainment executives to watch for.

Global TMT Predictions 2017

Which trends may disrupt business? How could consumer habits change?

2016 Digital Education Survey

Digital transformation is impacting the education ecosystem, both inside and outside of the classroom. Examine findings from the Digital Education Survey.

After the bell rings

With the help of the digital transformation, meaningful learning that typically takes place in the classroom can now occur just about anywhere. Find out more about learning at the speed of technology.

Digital democracy survey

For nearly a decade, Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice has used this report to compare and contrast consumer attitudes and behaviors across generations related to entertainment devices, advertising, media consumption, social networking sites, and the Internet. This year’s survey puts a spotlight on the binge-watching culture, increased interest in streaming, social media’s influence on purchasing preferences, and more. Explore the trends that are influencing and reshaping media consumption behaviors among US consumers.

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Deloitte at CES® 2017
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