CMO Survey

The CMO Survey: Understanding Marketing Today and Tomorrow

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Deloitte is excited to be a new sponsor of The CMO Survey.  The survey, conducted bi-annually for the past eight years by Fuqua School of Business marketing professor Christine Moorman, objectively explores the opinions of top marketers in an effort to predict the future of markets and track marketing excellence. Deloitte joins the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business as a survey sponsor.

The CMO Survey’s latest results are now in! Whether you want to know how your company stacks up to others in digital spend, performance on customer and brand metrics, or integration of customer information across channels – The CMO Survey provides timely insight to help marketers benchmark their organization and tracks trends over time.

Key findings from the latest survey:

1) Respondents expect overall marketing spend to increase by 6.9% in the next 12 months, driven by a digital marketing spend increase of 13.2% and despite a 3.2% decrease in spend on traditional advertising

2) Less than 4% of respondents believe their companies are very effective in integrating customer information across purchasing, communication, and social media channels

3) 63% of companies have yet to prove the short-term quantitative impact of marketing

Explore the February 2016 results and stay current on relevant topics such as: marketing spending, social media, jobs, organization, leadership, and analytics.